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It’s much easier to stick to a diet when you include some of your favourite foods in the plan. You don’t need to deprive yourself of all your favourite foods to lose weight and get lean.

A transformation is more enjoyable when you look at it as a learning process, when you know the right moment to have a treat and the right amount to remain lean, food cravings become more manageable.

A very common mistake I see a lot of people make when trying to get lean is changing all their habits from Day 1. This usually happens around new years’ time, before summer or any special occasions. You’ll see some people get on a restricted diet, start exercising more often and push every training session to the limit, avoid socialising and isolate themselves. You’ll get faster results with this approach and maybe a boost in confidence too. But the bad news is that results won’t be sustainable. There’s no short cut for long term results. You’ll need to be patient and consistent. Mental health is very important during a transformation, your body needs time to adapt to a progressive physiological and psychological change.

You will tell you’ve achieved a noticeable fitness transformation by comparing before and after pictures, a drop in clothe size and getting a lot of positive feedback from people who know you. However, a complete and successful fitness transformation goes beyond the physical dimension. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, you’ll improve your productivity, you’ll be more confident, you’ll have a clearer mindset and enhanced psychological health. You’ll get to enjoy friend and family moments by making your health and wellbeing one of your priorities, without being unsociable. It’s a life changing experience.

My advice for a sustainable transformation is to give yourself a reasonable timeframe to achieve your goal. Don’t change all your habits at once. Start with one habit at a time. When you’re fully confident you can manage it, which usually takes around one week, replace another old habit with a new one that’s going to get you one step closer to your goal.

Managing nutrition is something my clients learn throughout their online transformation programme. When you’ve learned how to plan and manage your diet, everything else becomes easy.

If you are not totally happy with how you look, want to learn how to fit your favourite foods in your diet while getting lean, learn what’s limiting your results, when to avoid eating certain foods, when is a good time to take a break from dieting and why, what type of training is right for you, let’s have a chat to see if I can help.