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We make decisions and act based on intuitive or rational process.

Everyone has their own goal and resources, some people want to improve their strength, increase endurance, run for longer distances, work on agility, etc. Other people just want to feel good in their own skin, they want to improve certain areas of their body which they are not totally happy with, and which unconsciously affect other areas of their lives. Let me tell you that in whatever shape you think you are, however you think you look, you are awesome. It’s your personality, your attitude, your energy, the love you have for others that make you special, not how you look. But, if you’re not happy with how you feel deep inside, then do something about it now.

Perhaps you know what you want, you’ve been thinking about your goal for a while but haven’t worked on it seriously. Or maybe you’re working on it, but you are not getting where you want and have lost your motivation. It could be because there’s no direction to head to. If what you have in mind is not mapped out, it won’t drive you to take any actions. It’s the same with putting a lot of efforts and energy into a project that is not planned and for which progress is not measured – it will lead nowhere. 

Having a goal that’s mapped out with a timeline and a set of actions written down will excite you to put all your energy into achieving it. Here are a few simple questions to help you set your goal:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve this?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • Why?
  • When do you want to achieve this?
  • What will happen if you don’t do anything about it now?

When you write your goal, write it in the present tense make it as clear and as real as possible. Make sure you’re doing this for you and not for anybody else. 

Now, map your journey with a set of actions you need to take to get there. 

  • What do you need to do to achieve your goal?
  • What resources do you need?
  • Who can help you?

Then break things down into small, manageable bites. Start small but think big. Think about all the challenges you may face on this journey, yes, there will be some challenges along the way. So, plan for all the “what ifs” and how to deal with them too.

If finding your motivation is your biggest challenge, set yourself a goal with a timeframe, be realistic and don’t over stretch yourself. Write down your new project and read it every day. This will set you on a new interesting journey. There will be ups and downs but remember that nothing great worth having will come easy. There’s some work to do. So, let’s break your goal down into smaller tasks, weekly habits. Start with a healthy eating habit four times a week for example, you choose which days are suitable for you, we are flexible. Then break your goal down further into daily habits and set yourself a daily step target. Walking helps burn body fat, your body will use fat as energy when you start walking a lot.

Set yourself small weekly targets that will keep things interesting and will motivate you to stick to your plan. If you need help to map a plan that includes everything you need to do to achieve your fitness goal, get in touch. If I can’t help, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you.