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If doing the same thing every day is not making you happy, change it. There’s always an alternative option for almost everything we do.

It’s very easy to prepare a batch of meals and eat the same food every day, it’s also a choice. But having experienced with it myself, in all honesty, eating the same food everyday gets really boring at some point. And if you’re not mentally strong, once you are bored, you lose your motivation and progress stalls. This is when a lot of people give up and put all the weight back on.  

The problem with continuously following a diet plan to the letter is that you end up not learning much about nutrition, how to make your own diet plan and be autonomous. You’ll always have to rely on diet plans to reach your fitness goals or to maintain your results. 

When eating the same food every day, our body is deprived of other nutrients that are necessary to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and a smooth function of all our vital organs. Feeling low, moody or grumpy for no reason? Eat more food varieties, increase your carbs a touch, and change your routine before it starts playing against your health.

You shouldn’t be stuck in a circle of eating the same food every day and doing the same workout routine for months on, simply because it has worked in the past. You’ll lose your drive very quickly with this approach and the fat loss result won’t be sustainable. 

The reason why I coach about nutrition is because I want you to learn how to be flexible with your food choices, be independent, eat what you like wherever you are and maintain your results. 

Get in touch if you want to learn everything about fitness and nutrition in the simplest ways while getting results.