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What my clients say

Here are just a few recommendations from clients who’ve experienced the benefits for themselves – in body transformation, weight loss, wellbeing and rehabilitation.

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“I started a 12-week programme with Julio after talking with him about losing fat and gaining muscle. His knowledge of training and of the working body is outstanding… I could not believe the change in my body – it was amazing. I have never met a nicer or more experienced personal trainer.”

John Drury

“Julio changed my entire outlook on health, fitness and nutrition. There are two things that will happen if you train with Julio: first, you will look great, and secondly, you will feel amazing!”

Philip Charles

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“I started training with Julio when I was recovering from a knee injury. He helped me recover and build my knee strength, and within a few months I went skiing in Austria. He also made me love strength and endurance training. Every session I just wanted to pick his brain and I wish I had a recorder on me at all times. His knowledge is incredible!

Thank you to the best personal trainer I have ever met, I don’t know how I would’ve recovered this well without your support and training programs.”

Tanya Easby

“I’ve been training with Julio for nearly two years and have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness, body shape and general wellbeing…When I started out, I was recovering from a torn disc in my back. Julio structured my training to take account of this and, more importantly, to strengthen my back. Since then I’ve had no problems…Training with Julio is both fun and hard – a great combination. He’s also good at giving advice on diet and other health issues. I would definitely recommend Julio to others.”

Nicky Holmes

“I’d been training for about a year before meeting Julio but stoppages and hurdles – from physical issues, to apathy and lack of enthusiasm – meant I never felt as if I was progressing. When I met Julio, he assured me he could get me on the right track with both exercise and nutrition. Through a varied exercise regime and expert guidance, he has opened the door to a new me. My physique has improved tremendously, and my eating habits have been retuned to consume the best food. What’s more, my physique and weight loss have become a lifestyle I can maintain. I recommend Julio as a personal trainer for anyone wishing to reach – and retain – peak levels of fitness.”


“Julio is a fantastic personal trainer who will really do everything it takes for you to reach your goals. Not only did I lose weight and inches, he pushed my fitness to a level I thought I could never achieve in such a short amount of time. He is very dedicated to what he does and really cares and therefore will help you maintain your objectives in the long term, hence why I’ve kept off the weight since!”

Paloma Robinson

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“I believe working with Julio gave me a second chance in life. When I arrived in London, I was an overweight 98kg. I returned to France a more muscular 78kg. Thanks to his knowledge, today I know what to do and what not to do – physically, nutritionally and mentally. With determination, perseverance and the help of an outstanding coach like him, I have achieved my goals. As well as being a true professional, Julio is an interesting man with whom I shared pleasant hours of exercise, humour and learning. Thank you for everything, Julio – above all for proving that everything is possible!”

Cyril Demirdjian

“Julio specialises in transformation, and we began slowly with basic body weight exercises and movement, building up my confidence and a workout regularity that has turned into habit. A big concern for me was a shoulder issue that has limited my upper body weightlifting in the past, but Julio is very knowledgeable about sports injuries and rehabilitation, and so worked cautiously to develop strength and flexibility in the area. Over the last 2 months, as we have moved into lifting heavier weights, I have noticed a huge change in body shape, posture and development of muscles (some that I didn’t know existed in the first place!). The dynamic, full body workouts have had a side effect of improved cardio too!

Working with Julio has given me confidence around weightlifting and dynamic training, including correct technique and the ability to put together a routine wherever I am. I’ve walked into gyms whilst travelling in Dubai and Thailand and been able to do a great workout, regardless of what equipment is (or is not) available.

I have worked with several different PTs when living in different areas in the past, and can say without hesitation that Julio is the best. His deep knowledge and experience is balanced by a real consideration for what I want to achieve and how I’m feeling, and I trust him entirely. Highly recommend!”

Victoria Laidler